A bit of structure

Aspire is full of motivated people, and these people are full of ideas, projects and expectations. That looks great. It is great. But we are going to need some structures to make it work, and we can start right here in this blog. It will be organized in three big parts: Aspiring Stories, Aspiring Opportunities and Aspire with Us. We plan to apply them also to different levels of our communication processes, but it might take time because, despite our huge motivation, we are not superheroes (yet). Let’s see a bit more what is going to happen in each category.

aspiring stories (web)

Aspiring Stories: we believe that inspiration is out there. The world is shaped by events and people, and their stories will be here. Interviews, profiles or speeches from relevant and amazing people will share space with debates, news and analysis of what happens around us.

aspiring opportunities (web)

Aspiring Opportunities: we believe that the world is full of opportunities to make an impact. These opportunities go from internships to jobs, from conferences to talks, from useful tools to courses. They will all be here so you can easily find your chance to change the world.
aspire with us (web)

Aspire with Us: we believe in ourselves. There are lots of activities, events, conferences, talks and projects organized by the Aspire team. This is the place to find out more about what we do and about who we are, along with insights into the organization, behind the scenes from our activities and everything you need to know about Aspire.


We have the dreams. And little by little, we are shaping them. The path does not change, it continues with fresh blood and energy.

Stay tuned for more. Keep on Aspiring.

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