Who we are

We envision a world in which every young person acts on his or her aspiration for a positive impact on society.

Young generation today needs to be involved and contribute to change, but has difficulties finding right ways to do so. Often university and conventional career paths don’t offer enough opportunities for engagement. We firmly believe that for our society to be progressive, young people need to be given an opportunity to act on their aspirations. Only then can they have positive impact on our society and the world.

Our mission is to raise involvement of young people in the field of social action by connecting them with inspiring ideas, people and projects.

Aspire. Manufactory of Change is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to connect young generations with established change-makers who are committed to promoting active citizenship, human rights and diversity – in their own communities and around the world. It has since grown to become a platform for skill development programs and open discussions. During our yearly conferences we show young people possibilities to get engaged with different initiatives and organizations; connect like-minded people and organizations; empower youth involvement in global affairs and help developing social projects.

Because if not us, then who?