Antisemitism & Islamophobia on the Rise in Europe

What’s happening in Europe? Muslim women who are wearing headscarves are scared to go outside because of social harassment. Jews all over Europe are finding themselves in similar situations and shy away to go out on the street wearing a kippa. Can we find a parallel here?
How can we analyze the rising hatred towards religious minorities? How are young people engaged in these communities actually dealing with this enmity? Will we have a constructive future together?

Find more information about the speakers of this track here which will always be updated when we have new speakers confirmed:

rid Hafez – University of Salzburg

farid hafezFarid Hafez is a researcher at the Department of Political Science at the University of Salzburg. Hafez has been teaching at a number of universities in the world. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University. Hafez is the editor of the German-English Islamophobia Studies Yearbook, ( and has published more than 10 books and 20 articles. He is editor of an upcoming ‘European Islamophobia Report’ and advisor of ‘The Bridge Initiative’ that extends education about Islamophobia to the public (University of Georgetown, School of Foreign Service).




Rami Ali – Egyptian Austrian Youth

Born in Austria with egyptian heritage. 22 years old. Studied political science focusing on the consequences of 9/11 for islamophobia + how this affects young muslims in Germany and Austria. He lectures at the AAI about the arab Revolution and islamophobia and is also working at the institute for Islamic studies and engaged in initiatives concerning deradicalisation and the prevention of radical ideologies.

Egyptian Austrian Youth: A youth organization aiming at empowering young Austrians with Egyptian roots and unlocking their potential in order to enable them to be an active and part of a multicultural society.

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Inbar Fruchsad – Limmud

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Inbar moved to Vienna, Austria to study Intercultural Business Management. She is a former board member of the Austrian Jewish Student Union (JÖH) and a long time mentor and facilitator at the annual youth leadership retreat of Miracle Corners of the World (MCW) in New York. Currently Inbar is working passionately on producing an event called LIMMUD and on the monthly event of the European Muslim Jewish Dialog (EMJD). When she is not working on one of those events, Inbar is interning at Impact Hub -a co-working space for social entrepreneurship, teaches Hebrew Israeli kindergarten kids and perusing her career in illustration.

Limmud: “Limmud” is the Hebrew word for learning and in our case it is a day-long event full of workshops, lectures,art, music and more, which gives a taste of the Jewish world. Limmud is open for everyone, Jewish and non-Jewish and it is part of an interational movement of alike events all over the world.









Amani Abu Zahra – Islamic Society in AustriaAmani Abuzahra

Mag.a Amani Abuzahra, M.A. studied Philosophy at the University of Vienna and Intercultural Studies at the University of Salzburg. She is a lecturer at the Islamic Teacher Training College and at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna/Krems, teaching classes on intercultural education and philosophy. Her research interests are cultural and religious diversity, hybrid identity and recognition of minorities and muslim communities. Publication: “Cultural identity in a multicultural society” in Passage Publishing House

Islamic Society in Austria: The IGGiÖ is a corporation under public law and the official representation of Austrian Muslims. The main responsibility of the IGGiÖ is the state-funded supply of Islamic religious education at Austrian public and private schools. Beside the IGGiÖ is providing all services related to Islamic care-taking, f.e. in hospital, military services, marriages, burrials etc.