Conclusions after our Aspire Conference 2016

And once more, our annual Aspire Conference is over. It has been an amazing weekend, full of motivation, work, fun and great people. And from the Aspire team we can just say THANK YOU to all our members, volunteers, sponsors, partners, hosts and, specially, to our participants. We hope that our “Navigating the Crossroads –
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“Working” refugees

Three days ago we talked about the entrepreneurship story of the founder of Inditex, the matrix of Zara. We mentioned the shadows that this company had, but we didn’t get into any detail. BBC has done it for us. They broadcasted on Sunday a program about how Turkish factories employ Syrian refugee kids to make clothes.
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Entrepreneurship out of Silicon Valley

Busdongo de Arbás is a small village in the northwest of Spain. Located 1300 meters over the level of the sea, winters are very hard for the 100 inhabitants of this place, most of them, retired railway men and coal miners who have seen better times in their industries. Most people in Busdongo have no
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2016 Rio Olympics - Beach Volleyball - Women's Preliminary - Beach Volleyball Arena - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 07/08/2016. Doaa Elghobashy (EGY) of Egypt and Kira Walkenhorst (GER) of Germany compete. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.

Who is free?

It was one of the images of the Olympic Games. Very likely one of the images of the year. A German beach-volley player wearing a bikini faces her Egyptian rival, who covers her body completely. An example of the cultural diversity of the Olympics. But it was also a polemic picture, rising a lot of
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Do we need to degrow?

There is no doubt that Pope Francis is being a revolution inside of the Catholic Church. His second encyclical, a particular kind of letter that catholic popes send out, had an environmental content that nobody was expecting from the highest hierarchy of such a traditionalist institution. Laudato si’ criticizes consumerism and irresponsible development, which lay
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Navigating under the storm

The economic crisis was disappearing, employment figures were slowly growing, recession was already in the past and the rescues, little by little, seemed to work. The Euro and the EU looked saved. But just when we thought the storm was over, the hurricane struck. The European Union, although built initially upon shared economic interests, has
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Aspire Meetup – From Aspiration to Action

The extreme heat was not our ally and our Meetup didn’t gather as many members of our community as we wanted. But it doesn’t mean it was less interesting. We discovered two aspiring stories that showed us two possible ways to make a positive change. Muhammad Allagha is a former Aspire Academy participant. He later
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We are stronger together

Such an easy sentence. Theorically, not many people would disagree, specially seeing how many examples we can find. Last one can be Island’s National Football Team, who showed us that a good team is better than a few great independent players. The European Union could be another example. Very likely you, dear reader, already know
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Naomi The Changer

Interview with Naomi Ryland from The Changer

On Wednesday the 18th of May Aspire joined the first Changer Hangout in Vienna. Naomi Ryland, co-founder of, was here to present the leading organization in Germany in facilitating a social impact career. Now that our first Meet Up #1 is getting closer (Thursday the 23rd of June, save the date in your calendars), it’s time
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It’s just football

On the 29th of January, a football game in the Greek city of Larissa between the AE Larissa and the Acharnaikos made it into the media of many other countries. It was a more or less irrelevant match of the Second League of Greece, nothing special apparently, but as soon as the referee blew his
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